The Mosaic Maryville Hospice and Home Health Board has announced the Trivia Night is being rescheduled and will not take place on January 15 at Mozingo Event Center as originally planned.

This decision was made after several days of discussion and obtaining input from healthcare professionals and data monitoring sites.

However, please note the event is not being canceled. Even as this announcement is made, the board is working with the Mozingo Event Center to schedule a new date for the Trivia Night.

“As much as all of us looked forward to the fun and friendly competition, as a community health-connected organization, we want to ensure that we protect all involved in the event,” said David Baird, a member of the board. “With spiking numbers and ever-limited medical response resources, placing 200+ people in a confined area is not appropriate for the health and safety of our friends who participate or our community as a whole.

“Our thanks to all for their continued support of the Mosaic Maryville Hospice and Home Health Board’s Trivia Night and we look forward to being with you as we reschedule this event to a later date.”

The Mosaic Maryville Hospice and Home Health Board provides financial, educational and emotional support for Mosaic hospice and home health patients, their families and caregivers.