At the January 3 Pickering City Council meeting, the aldermen decided to move forward with the next step in the cleanup of Mike Moyer’s property at 101 East First Street by having city attorney, Taryn Henry, send a letter.

The council has three concerns about the Moyer property: it being turned into a junk yard, the items spilling into the street right-of-way which doesn’t allow emergency vehicles access, and the noise nuisance of an air compressor running 24/7. The aldermen have received several complaints on the noise.

City Clerk Milt Sovereign said he is not going to send out nuisance letters under his name. He will complete the certified letters for either the mayor or an alderman to sign. A letter on dogs barking will be sent to a residence by the school. Talk was held on several other infractions involving dogs.

Sovereign encouraged the aldermen and mayor to promote the street tax levy of $1 per $100 assessed valuation which will be on the April 5 ballot. This is an existing tax and the money is used to maintain Pickering’s streets. During the recent filing period which ended December 28, individuals filed for all open seats.

The recent wind storm damaged the information sign that sits beside Highway 148 beyond repair. Mayor Charles Smith is trying to find a replacement sign.

Besides the normal bills, the council approved the payment of the city insurance upon receipt of bill, the bank box yearly rental fee, the post box fee and the city clerk’s annual bond fee.

Sovereign reported no sewer pumps were pulled in December. Seven pumps have been overhauled and are in reserve. Sovereign is currently working on an eighth pump and two pumps are being used for parts.

Pickering prepaid Pankau Construction $250 for the replacement of part of the Habitat house sidewalk which had been destroyed during the repair of the sewer pump.

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