Submitted each week by Northwest history students and historical society volunteers

75 Years Ago: 1946
Record heat in December was recorded on December 7. The temperature was recorded at a sweltering 71 degrees. That broke the record by 11 degrees, which had been 60 degrees, set on December 8, 1918.

50 Years Ago: 1971
Three thefts were reported to Maryville police on Sunday, December 5. Burglars forced their way through the front door of Wilson Grocery in Hopkins early that morning. Altogether the thieves stole 500 cartons of cigarettes, five rolls of quarters, six rolls of
dimes, three rolls of nickels, nine rolls of pennies, 20 silver dollars and about 40 one-dollar bills. Dave Lyle also reported that a high-powered rifle and a shotgun were stolen from his pickup truck. A similar crime happened to Joe Barmann the same day where a shotgun was reported stolen from his vehicle, which was parked outside his residence. The Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department said they would thoroughly investigate all cases promptly and swiftly.

10 Years Ago: 2011

Officials at Northwest Missouri State University organized fundraising efforts on December 7 to benefit the Long family, whose Elmo home was destroyed by a fire Saturday evening. Teresa Gustafson headed up the charitable effort and established the Long Benefit Fund at Citizens Bank and Trust of Maryville.

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