Tall grass, derelict vehicles, other trash and loose dogs were the items on the Burlington Jct. City Council’s monthly meeting agenda on June 17.

The city contracted with a lawn mowing service to mow seven properties with grass 10 inches high with the owners being billed and ticketed for nuisances. This process will be repeated each time the grass meets the 10-inch standard. Thirty-day nuisance and derelict vehicles violations letters were to be sent to additional property owners. There were three dog complaints which were also brought forward for action.

Prior to the open meeting, there was a public hearing for the proposed 2019-20 budget. Mayor Justin Plymell noted the budget will be balanced due to the changes in less contract work with new equipment purchased in the water-sewer maintenance budget category. The hearing closed with no citizens to be heard.

Later in the meeting, the Alliance representatives presented their projected cost for the coming year with an increase of $7,982 to be added to the budget noting additional staff and other costs. Plymell was concerned about the water production being less and more expense projected. The budget proposal was tabled until 6 pm on Tuesday, June 25.

City Secretary Angie Lightner reported the financial condition of the town. She told the baseball field account is seeing more billings being paid, storm sirens were inspected and the skid steer loader was repaired.

Dennis Chitwood’s Alliance report told of a chlorine pump which failed causing direct flow to the clear well, plus a water main break. Infiltration and inflow numbers are higher due to rains. There were 219 meters read. The water plant saw 950,000 gallons produced with a loss of four percent in water sales. He also reported ditching and street work on the north side of town for the preparation of MidAmerica Road Builders’ arrival in mid-July.