Circuit Rider Mary Calcagno with Missouri Rural Water Association attended the November 10 Skidmore City Council meeting.

She reviewed the steps the city has taken on the sewer project which she doesn’t think is enough to keep the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from taking the next step to get the city’s sewer system in compliance. DNR will send an abatement letter which will lead to DNR setting up a schedule with milestones of when items must be completed, which Skidmore must meet.

Calcagno also reviewed Skidmore’s water and sewer rates, which will need to be raised. She worked through several methods which will cause the least amount of distress for Skidmore residents.

The monthly water rate loss for Skidmore was 62.19 percent.

The council also tabled a bid to have a GIS mapping of the city sewer, water lines and well pits until December.

Cassie Partridge, water operator, complained of residents accosting her while she was installing water meters. Calcagno recommended she get orange cones and yellow tape to mark off an area of 10 feet on each side as her work zone. It will be added to the utility ordinance for residents not to interrupt employees while they are working.

There are two meters left to install which haven’t arrived yet. Partridge has locked four meters. There were two meters which wouldn’t read underground. The meter at the Skidmore Christian Church parsonage has been allowing a back flow from a water well. The well will need to be capped before metered water can be turned back on. The well water can’t be allowed into the city’s water supply. A letter will be sent to the church.

The two two-inch meters will not fit. Partridge is returning them to company.

Residents are damaging the water pits by driving over the lids. Other damage includes taking off the lids and dropping them into the pits, thereby, disconnecting wires and damaging the transmitter and circuitry. The city clerk was directed to bring an ordinance to the December meeting to charge these damages to the residents.

City Attorney Miles Figg said the land the city wants for the sewer project is in a trust. The trust states the land cannot be sold. Figg will work on eminent domain proceedings.

Rick Stanton’s court appeal has been turned down. He has 15 days to refile the appeal. Figg then has 30 days to reply.

The residents at 410 West Oak’s water utility was recently turned on but the city doesn’t have documentation of the date. The council approved the bill for the August and half of July bill of $279.90. A letter will be sent.

Discussion was held on the ball association rental of the ballfield at the Skidmore City Park. The city wants to have the ball association pay for the $400 rental of the ballfield before the season begins.

The city’s hydrants will be flushed after the water leaks have been fixed and meters have been installed.