At the February 13 Skidmore City Council meeting, the first and second reading of an ordinance was made to appoint a city attorney and Ordinance #Attorney 2020 was approved.

A COVE heating system will be installed at city hall by S & S Contracting. The project is not to exceed $1,500.

The current credit card system will be replaced with GOVCARD which allows the transaction cost to be charged to the customer instead of to the city.

A survey will be sent to the residents of the housing unit outside of the Skidmore city limits to determine if they would like to be annexed into the city limits. A letter is also being sent to Wayne Herriman of Thornrider Enterprises.

The city bank account needs to have an owner. The council voted to list the current mayor and current city clerk as owners. If names are needed, then Mayor Tracy Shewey and City Clerk Meagan Morrow will be listed and changes made as new people come into those positions.

Jessie Smock of the Nodaway-Holt ball association discussed a new ball contract with current conditions which Morrow will type. Smock pointed out needed repairs to trees and dugouts. Alderman Rana Killingsworth stated the Skidmore Community Betterment will help with repairs. City Maintenance Employee Marvin Sumy will dispose of the trees. Winterization of the restrooms and concession stand needs to be done by the city each year.

Jonathan Eckstien of PeopleService gave a report on the water and sewer operations. He gave suggestions on how to correct undesirable chlorine levels at some locations. He recommended maintenance jobs. The fire hydrants need to be flushed biannually and documented. Water main valves need exercised and documented annually.

Three of the five bacteria sampling collection sites need to be replaced. Samples for the Department of Natural Resources collected in November, December and January were out of compliance. According to Eckstien, these results are most likely caused by the valves on the traveling arm needing to be cleaned and flushed regularly. The bio solids in the Imhoff tank should be applied in the spring and fall to prevent excess buildup.

Ed Waldier with Public Water Supply District #1 explained the process of flushing lines and hooking pumper trucks up to fire hydrants. The pumper trucks could collapse the lines bringing water into town. He requested to be contacted so he can shut off the supply coming into town.