The City of Pickering Council at the August 30 meeting, gained a new alderman, Dale Sharp.

Sharp is replacing Roberta Boyd who moved from Pickering and could no longer serve on the council.

New City Attorney Taryn Henry attended the meeting. Discussion was held on the race track ordinance and the concern of council members about youngsters, including preschool age, being given rides.

It was determined the current ordinance covers the situation of four-wheelers being raced in a yard in July. A letter will be sent to the owner of the property along with the infraction highlighted on the ordinance by the city. Mayor Charles Smith had hand delivered a copy of the ordinance. The next step will be to have Henry do a letter before court action is taken.

City Clerk Milt Sovereign has submitted the American Rescue Plan paperwork with the help of Nodaway County Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins. Pickering is asking for $30,000 to be used for sewer infrastructure improvements for public health. The city will be audited after-the-fact.

Jenkins indicated to Sovereign that there might be programs coming “down the line” which will help with streets.

The second storm siren, which hasn’t been functional, was looked at. It was determined the brushes had either worn out or broke. A request for a repair cost or to replace with a new unit has been made.

Sovereign has received the debit card which is attached to the city’s sewer account. It can only be used for buying sewer parts. He has used it for ordering parts.

On the sewer report, three sewer pump breakdowns have occurred. Sovereign has two backup pumps left after replacing the three. With each repair, Sovereign is replacing all the bearings plus repairing what is wrong. Most of the pumps are being repaired for the second time, some for the third.

Sovereign reported the two sewer accounts have a total of $30,299.41 in reserve. This is an increase from the beginning of the year. As long as this amount remains steady or increases slightly, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources won’t force Pickering to increase the sewer rates.

Henry will keep the Pickering files from Strong and Strong law firm, which is closing at the end of 2021. A copy of all of the city ordinances adopted since 1999 will be given to Henry.

Public Water Supply District No. 1 tested the water in two different houses for lead and copper. Both houses came back with low numbers for both substances.

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