With the help of Pickering resident Donna Smith and Nodaway County Treasurer Collector Marilyn Jenkins, the City of Pickering is applying for up to $26,000 in ARPA funds through the Nodaway County Commission.

This was announced by Mayor Charles Smith and City Clerk Milt Sovereign at the September 6 Pickering City Council meeting. The money, if received, will be used for sewer plant repairs, upgrades and for parking barriers at the city park.

Four sewer pumps were replaced during August. This has left the city with one spare pump. Discussion was held on buying new pumps which would cost $2,000 each. This is more than the city can afford unless the ARPA funds are acquired.

Pickering originally had 93 sewer services, it now has roughly 76 sewer hook-ups. Each month two to six people don’t pay their sewer bill, so the city is making due with 64 to 68 people’s payments to support the sewer plant. The city currently has three inactive accounts and three final notification accounts.

One bid was received for $620 from Ag Net Services for the removal of the south park tree stump. Another bid is being sought.

The street tax rate for 2024 was approved by the state at 99.9¢ per $100 of assessed valuation.

Carla Vore was paid $12.98 for mums to provide fall color at the community building. The bill for gravel for South Wray Street was paid $602 for 16.5 tons, 20.5 tons for the playground were paid, $455. Both were from Norris Quarries, Ravenwood. The hauling bill is still coming.

The councilmen discussed an ordinance to approve new retail business coming to town. The matter will be referred to the city attorney.