The Pickering City Council set the tax rates at the September 1 meeting.

After review, the general tax rate was set at 87.5¢ per $100 assessed valuation, the street tax rate was set at $1.03 per $100. These amounts are the same as last year and the maximum the state will allow.

The New Nodaway Humane Society contract was approved. The humane society will make a trip to Pickering each month to check on outdoor pets, and will continue to come to Pickering for strays or accept at the shelter.

Letters were sent last month to two residents who needed to mow and clean their yards. This was accomplished by both. This month another letter will be sent to a third resident.

Discussion was held on a Habitat for Humanity letter looking for a lot on which to build its next home. The council was going to make inquires of residents who would be willing to work with Habitat.

Mid American Road Builders, Platte City, is in the area. It was estimated the company would do patchwork in Pickering the middle of September.

Discussion was held on the Pickering Lions Horse Show which will be held September 18 and 19.