Construction of another trail project will begin soon in Maryville.

The city council approved a $350,458 contract with VF Anderson Builders to construct the Torrance Street Trail Extension during its March 14 meeting.

City Manager Greg McDanel said the Torrance Street project is a connector trail that will link six previously funded and constructed trail projects in the community since 2008.

“The connectivity will allow the city to consider trail signage and other amenities typically found on community trail networks,” he said. “The project area also currently does not have any sidewalks. Residents along the corridor should benefit from the improved safety of an off-street trail project that will be maintained by the city.”

The Torrance Street Trail Extension will enhance Maryville’s pedestrian and bicycle trail system by extending an eight-foot-wide concrete trail approximately 1,600 linear feet from South Walnut Street to South Munn Avenue.

The project should start in late April and has to be finished within 150 calendar days.

Once completed, residents in adjacent neighborhoods will have pedestrian access to Maryville Middle School, Maryville High School, St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School, Northwest Missouri State University, three public parks and Mosaic Medical Center – Maryville.

Construction of the project will physically connect the western trail projects of the Phase M-Hospital to Middle School Trail, Spoofhound Trail Extension, the Munn Avenue Reconstruction Project of 2014 and the Munn Avenue Trail Extension with the eastern trail projects of the 2008 Safe Routes to Schools and the 7th to 9th Street Trail.

The FY’22 budget includes $377,775 in the Capital Improvements Fund for construction of the project. The Transportation Alternatives Program agreement provides a federal cost share for the project of 64 percent, not to exceed $143,259.84, for reimbursement of project expenses.

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