A business celebration will be held at the new office of Mullock Health Care at 2332 S Main, Maryville.

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, along with the Maryville Chamber, is hosting the event at 2 pm, Thursday, April 8.

The public is invited to meet Dr. Dallas Mullock, who has started a private practice medical clinic specializing in family medicine and neuromusculoskeletal medicine.

Mullock notes, “Mullock Health Care offers a variety of services that many family practice physicians don’t perform, allowing us to provide our patients the convenience without having to go to multiple providers. Examples are: trigger point and ultrasound-guided joint injections, laceration repairs, ingrown or toenail trimming/removal, skin biopsies, abscess incision and drainage, and osteopathic manipulative treatment, EGDs and colonoscopies.”

The doctor already had the idea of being an entrepreneur in high school as a member of Future Business Leaders of America. He continued with the business courses and experiences in college and adult life prior to medical school.

His biggest struggle with opening this business had to do with timing. He says, “COVID-19. When I set out to start a medical practice, I never imagined a pandemic would occur just as I opened our doors. With healthcare across the country struggling to get PPE and medical supplies last spring, being a new business put us as low priority in getting basic supplies. Additionally, we have had to rely on a lot of word of mouth and traditional advertising to get our business name to the public as so many in-person events were cancelled.

Mullock persevered through it all and encourages other entrepreneurs to understand that the key to success is to take time for planning. He says, “It benefits the business to do your research and business planning which helped me get off with the right foot. Don’t get discouraged with small setbacks even if it costs extra time.”  The doctor heard about the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation through the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments. He credits Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for their help in providing business plan feedback, resources and contacts, and marketing strategies.

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