Maryville Middle School sixth grader Raymond Zhao has qualified for the second year to attend the National Math Contest at Texas A&M in College Springs, TX, on June 15.

Raymond placed second overall in the sixth grade state math competition sponsored by Missouri Council Teachers of Mathematics math league. He was 0.75 of a point from first place. His other results were second place in number sense, first place in sprint round, fourth place in target round and ninth place in sweepstakes.

Raymond is currently working on practice tests to prepare for the national event. He placed 15th overall last year.

“I’m doing practice packets from previous years with older tests and problems,” Raymond said. “I don’t really feel confident, but I don’t feel unconfident either,” Raymond said about preparing for his second math nationals.

Areas of concern for Raymond are geometry and trick questions made especially for the contest. The test will be pencil and paper.

His parents, Gary Zhao and Cindy Tu, and brother, Andrew, will be going with him to College Springs.