Paul McGary gave responses to violations on his properties at the Skidmore City Council meeting on May 12.

McGary had violations on his property at 52 South Walnut and 102 North Walnut. He also discussed his plans for the properties he owns at 102 North Walnut, the old station; 101 North Walnut, the old tax building; 104 North Walnut, the old post office or bar; and 213 West Elm, the old bank.

He explained he was a one-person operation and was slowly working on each property. Alderman Tim Slagle said as long as McGary was making improvements, the council would be willing to work with him.

City Clerk Meagan Morrow reported she had submitted the ARPA paperwork and reports. She is anticipating the city will receive additional funds.

Jonathan Eckstein of PeopleService gave his sewer and water testing reports. He also explained the timeline and his actions on the clay pipe breakage crossing a creek. Strueby Plumbing did temporary repairs to stop the leak but now the city needs to do a permanent fix. Strueby has not returned calls. Eckstein gave three recommendations plus Morrow suggested a fourth for the city to contact for bids.

Eckstein also reported the trickling filter at the sewer plant is not working. Also, the sludge at the plant needs to be hauled off or land applied. If land is applied, the city will need to run multiple samples at $600 to $700 apiece. Eckstein recommended Bud’s Sewer Service for hauling. Either way, it will be an expensive venture for the city. A decision needs to be made by August as it takes a month to process samples if land application is the route the city takes.

City Attorney Miles Figg reported the Rick Stanton sentencing hearing would be held the week of May 16. He has submitted all written filings. He also reported he is not spending as much time on Skidmore dealings.

Teresa Mier volunteered her time to work on the cemeteries and genealogy. During Cheryl Huston’s Depot Museum report, she mentioned the museum needed an air conditioner. Mier said she had one that might work.

Huston said the museum committee had found a Bearcat logo pop bottle which had been bottled in Maryville. She was working on lending the bottle to Northwest Missouri State University for display. Figg gave her information on writing a letter detailing how the bottle remained the property of Skidmore but could be displayed at Northwest but he doesn’t need to be involved in the transaction.

Morrow wanted the city to upgrade the Quickbooks to include payroll, instead of having payroll as a “pay as you use” option. Quickbooks has user update to newer versions every two to three years. The $930 was approved.

Citywide garage sales are set to coincide with Maitland’s and Graham’s sales on the first weekend in June.

Morrow is contacting a veterinarian to set up a “vet day” and get residents to register for city dog tags. A letter will be sent as soon as the day is established. Vet day is normally held on a Saturday in the city park.

Tracy Shewey, standing in for her husband Kenny Shewey, requested the fire department be allowed to use the water tank at Little People’s Park. It is non-potable water and would be used to fill the department’s tanker truck. The fire department will pay for the electricity and upkeep of the water tank. All that is wanted from the city is a key. The request was approved.

The council again decided to not hire extra help to mow and trim the cemeteries, city parks and property. City maintenance employee Martin Charles is currently attending classes related to his job. The council waited to address the issue until he entered the meeting. Mayor Jill Wieland said the issue can always be revisited.