The Maryville Parks and Recreation board at the May 18 meeting decided to continue to work toward opening several facilities and programs.

The timeline of certain phases will allow for opening of the parks and community center’s meeting rooms. A diverse set of activities have begun and will continue through June. The swimming pool is set to open June 15.

The Maryville Community Center opened May 16 with suggested social distancing and 81 in attendance, limited hours of operation, no child watch available, a closed gymnasium with only fitness classes allowed with only pickleball and basketball being available. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed unless with a supervising adult. The cardio equipment and weight equipment will be limited to reflect social distancing.

On June 1, assuming no more outbreaks or governmental emergency orders, registration will open of limited summer activities such as Sizzlin’ Hoops and summer camp. Parks, restrooms and playgrounds will also open.

The Aquatic Center will open June 15 with limited restrictions; social distancing will be encouraged. No swim season passes will be sold; only daily passes or punch cards will be available. Aquatics programming such as swim lessons or water aerobics to begin by mid-July can be registered at community center only.

Also on June 15, the community center will begin taking reservations for meeting rooms and the park shelters and ball fields will open. Summer baseball and softball practices and games with modified rules yet to be determined can begin. One court at the Maryville Community Center will for be available for pickleball or shooting hoops except from 10 to 11 am Monday through Friday when there are yoga classes. Most fitness classes will be moved to their respective rooms. The minimum age requirement will be lifted.

The board also heard a report from Director Jeff Stubblefield concerning the progress on the Thomson Splash ‘N’ Play Park. He also explained the 50 percent less revenues coming in and that he anticipates a budget shortfall this year requiring the use of reserves to keep the finances in the positive column.