The Skidmore City Council met on April 30 and May 14 to handle the following city business.

At the April 30 meeting, the council accepted the resignation of Mayor Tracy Shewey and appointed Mayor Pro-tem Sandy Wright to complete the term of office. Teresa Carter was appointed alderman to fill Wright’s position. Rana Killingsworth was appointed as mayor pro-tem for the remainder of the term.

The city was notified by City Attorney Jean Maneke that Rick Stanton’s appeal was struck down due to technicalities by the court of appeals.

The May 14 meeting was attended by Miles B. Figg, attorney at law of Andereck, Evans, Lewis, Figg and Battagler LLC of Smithville. The council hired him to be the new city attorney.

During the meeting, Figg gave the council advice on procedures, including that the council was making motions for actions which could be taken care of by consensus of the council.

Also, a 2017 ordinance which allows the council to pay members for work they completed but which wasn’t listed in their duties was a conflict of interest. These tasks should be bid out. Also, paying members for additional council meetings was also a conflict.

He said council members or employees should not be serving notices to residents but should hire someone to do this.

If certified letters are refused by recipients, it may be posted on the property as legal notice, Figg said.

Discussion was held on sending letters for ordinance violations. Everyone needs to be treated the same. After the letters were sent out, Figg stated he would make determination of who to take to court for violations.

City Clerk Meagan Morrow is working on a welcome packet for new residents. The council reviewed and made suggestions of items to add to it.

The council approved the changing of US Bank’s information regarding signatories on the accounts.

Kenny Shewey was paid for six hours at $10 per hour for work he completed when the city fire hydrants were flushed.

The council is going to work on the junk yard ordinance to make it more user friendly, Wright said.

Wright stated she wanted all bid proposals to be submitted in writing, as sometimes there are misunderstandings on verbal bids.

City Maintenance Employee Marvin Sumy was paid an additional $50 for the work he did during the city cleanup. This amount will be paid to Sumy or his successor each time a city cleanup is held.

PeopleService employee Jonathan Eckstein discussed the removal of sludge from the sewer system. Since the field normally used for the sludge has been planted, Eckstein is recommending Bud Sewer Service, St. Joseph, pump and remove the sludge. This will cost the city between $1,200 and $1,500.

He is recommending soil samples be collected this fall from the field and the city line up additional fields. Normally, soil samples are collected every four to five years.

He also said the honey wagon needs to be kept under cover to protect the pump.