Rana Killingsworth was sworn in as alderman by Mayor Tracy Shewey at the May 9 Skidmore City Council meeting.

The May 9 meeting of the Skidmore City Council started with the swearing in of Rana Killingsworth as alderman.

She is stepping in to complete the term of Rick Allen, who has moved from the community.

Jonathan Eckstein of PeopleService, Inc., discussed the recent water inspection by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources(MoDNR). Two areas had required actions by a May 14 deadline. Eckstein cleaned out the overflow pipe and repaired a flapper valve to take care of one. The other was the abandoned wells of the previous water system.

Eckstein researched and couldn’t find evidence Skidmore had owned the wells. The owner of the properties have indicated they don’t want the wells back. Two choices remain for the wells, either plugging or purging by running the water out every two years to show the wells are not abandoned. The city has notified MoDNR the wells will be purged.

Eckstein is going to research costs for plugging the wells or using for non-potable water. It is not known if the wells are connected to electricity and the condition of the pumps. Eckstein will investigate. The motion to plug the wells was tabled until the options can be researched.

The non-election ordinance was tabled until the costs of an election could be determined.

The surveying of the city-owned ground by the depot was tabled, when Mayor Tracy Shewey explained Midland Engineering would charge $1,400 to $1,700 for the service.

Michael Abrams was hired for part-time summer mowing help.

Alderman Sandy Wright was elected as mayor pro-tem. The aldermen approved notifying the bank that Wright, Shewey, Treasurer Doris Diggs and Secretary Laura Stark be put on the city’s checking account. A debit card on the same account for Stark was approved.

Wright also requested a report on overdue water and sewer bills be put on the agenda.

A copy of the sewer project proposal will be given to Wright. Questions about replacing the sewer manhole covers were tabled until the proposal can be reviewed.

The water tank has still not been moved but David Hoyt, Burlington Jct., who contracted to do the service is still planning to move the tank.

The street right-a-ways have not been determined. Questions were brought up about unlicensed vehicles and trailers being parked on Highway 113.

Jamie Price, Ravenwood, was contacted to clear up the state of Newton Hall’s roof and ceiling. Only the west side of the roof had been repaired, and in his bid on the ceiling, Price had only bid to repair the west side. The city will seek bids to repair the east side of the roof and all of the ceiling. Discussion was held on whether the city could receive grant monies to do these two projects.

Rob Wilmes, Skidmore, will be contacted to look at the water plant cracked wall, concreting the ditch at the sewer plant and possible repair of the concrete capstones at the cemetery.

The city approved a one-time reduction on a water bill for Mike Roberts, 203 South Pine, Skidmore. Roberts had a 33,000 gallon leak. The city will issue him a credit for 14,000 gallons.

During discussion on street repairs, gravel to fill potholes was deemed a priority. Hoyt and Bryon Clark Construction, Clearmont, will be contacted to see if either or both can take part in various Skidmore street repairs.

The lead ordinance was updated and Lead Ban 2019, an ordinance for a lead ban in public and private drinking water plumbing, was approved after two readings.

Ordinance number Telephone 2019 was approved giving American Broadband a five-year agreement with the city. It was read two times during the meeting.