The city council of Burlington Jct. accepted the bid from Mid America Road Builders, Platte City, to improve 18.5 blocks of streets this summer.

The $46,000 was possible with the street tax approved by voters. Streets to be improved are the north-south venues of Ballard, Smith and Caldwell with the city crew to do much of the preliminary work prior to the contractor’s arrival.

The council furthered their theme to address the town’s improvements by choosing 14 property owners to receive a letter mandating their lawns need to be mowed within 10 days. There will also be seven letters sent to individuals noting nuisances of trash and derelict vehicles on their property which needs to be disposed of properly.

Mayor Justin Plymell led a discussion on the 2019-20 budget. He proposed the water revenues would be unchanged, tax monies will see an increase as will expenses with the plan to spend $5,000 more on street improvements. His draft budget shows a deficit of over $16,000. A final budget to begin on July 1 will need to be approved at the June meeting.

Dennis Chitwood, Alliance employee, brought a proposal to the council to sublet his company’s work to the city of Elmo. His plan would include increasing one employee to full-time. The council agreed to further discuss the issue with Elmo leaders.

City Secretary Angie Lightner reported on the finances of the town including the baseball field construction revenues from the city and the American Legion and a new Hustler mower was purchased at $5,332 from Northwest Implement, Maryville. A KCP&L representative spoke to her about the Demand Response Incentive. She gave the update on the mandated sewer improvements survey number noting 58 are still needed. She announced the West Nodaway FFA applied for two $500 grants which were authorized for improvements at the Children’s Park. She also told a bid notice will be published for auditor services.

Chitwood reported in April there was a net water loss of 8.9 percent due to flushing, street ditching, the ball field is being used for school and city league with the lights to arrive in July. Concerns included a repair needed on the skid loader and water and sewer tests are coming in good.