At the October 4 Hopkins City Council meeting, Water Operator Chris Bird said he did not want Mid-America Road Builders, Platte City, to do the street repair work at this late date.

The company has postponed the work several times throughout the summer. Bird is concerned the chat material will not work into the street surface and during snow removal it will be pushed off the street. Consensus approval was given to this decision.

The aldermen want Bird to patch several potholes before winter. Bird will see about acquiring asphalt patch for the task.

A new building owner at 126 North Third wants to install a drive-through window. Bird said there was no water or sewer lines under the sidewalk. However, he and the council want the owner to get permission  for the drive-through from the phone and electric companies and to provide the document to the city.

The salt storage structure work should start the first week of October.

The letter to the owner of the buildings falling down on Third Street has been delayed until Bird has a chance to finish up the business on the previous demolished property.

The contract with Haynes Equipment Company, Inc., Olathe, KS, has been signed for the water treatment plant control panel. Bird is hoping the equipment will be here and installed by the end of the month. He wants to have this completed before winter as it will allow him to monitor the water plant with his phone on a 24/7 basis.

Part of the sewer bill for the resident at 206 North Fifth Street was waived due to a water leak at the hydrant.

A letter will be sent to the resident at 101 East Caroline Street to shut off the sewer service. The resident had already had the water shut off and was on a payment plan. The resident has missed several payments. If the sewer is shut off, the resident will have to pay the fees, digging service and the bill to get service.

The council agreed to pay for lodging and meals while Bird attends water treatment classes the first of October.

Hopkins will receive $48,024.97 from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Advanced Microbial Solutions, LLC, Carthage, TX, gave the city a bid of $2,000 per month to maintain the city’s lagoon. Bird said it is beneficial to the town to do something monthly to maintain the lagoon now that it has been cleaned up.

Bird will see if there is a cheaper solution. He wants to see how much money the city can spend without raising rates. The Missouri Rural Water Association will do a rate study for the city at no cost, if the council wants to explore that option.

The council went into closed session to discuss personnel issues. No decisions were made.