The city council of Clearmont met September 21 to conduct the business of the town.

Correspondence was received from Missouri Rural Water Association about the fall meeting October 28. United Electric Cooperative sent a member report.

The water/sewer report noted 280,200 gallons used and there were no new shutoffs. The water bills were delivered late this month due to a change of water clerk and computer issues. The issue was resolved and the council decided to waive any late charges for this month.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources communicated that the city’s primacy fees would be raised starting in January. The current fee is $3.24 per connection; the new rate will be raised to $5.28 per connection.

A letter from Missouri Department of Social Services outlined the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program. The program will provide up to $750 for water and wastewater disconnection fees, past due bills, and reconnection fees. This is expected to begin October 1st for elderly and disabled households and November 1 for other households. Residents must meet specific income guidelines for eligibility.

The street maintenance report told potholes are being repaired, ditch digging must be coordinated with the township and there are some areas where tubes need to be replaced.