Nodaway County elected officials gathered April 2 for their quarterly meeting and the topic from each leader was how their office was handling COVID-19.

Recorder of Deeds Lisa Nickerson told that marriage licenses are still coming in and several urban area county recorders have been sending couples to Nodaway County. She has elected to process only county couples. Some of her inquiries are being handled curbside and the office is working on scanning the earliest marriage licenses from 1845.

Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice noted while the court has closed all subpoenas serving, the sheriff offices are continuing to work this service and the courts notifications of dated hearings. He is hoping to reduce the backlog once the court opens, by starting a new process called ediscovery, that uploads information into the secure cloud that will allow the defense attorneys to access evidence.

Sheriff Randy Strong explained  jail operations have changed and how deputies work non-emergency calls. He reported the call volume has diminished and he appreciates the homemade masks that can be used by his personnel. He told the conceal carry applications are suspended. He also reported the domestic violence calls are seeing a rise in numbers.

Associate Circuit Judge Doug Thomson told the court systems are suspended till May 1, which means pushing hearings from April to June, guilty traffic cases will still pay court costs but assessed fines will be less.

Collector Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins said her office is experiencing a high call volume with some people wanting to pay taxes online but are disturbed at the online charge. This is not a county charge but instead through the credit card processer. She also noted there will be a tax sale but she has plans to change the number of years the property owner can be behind in tax payments. Jenkins also told her officerholder peers to keep the COVID-19 supply invoices separate for possible future calculations.

Assessor Rex Wallace said assessment sheets are coming in better than usual and new aerial photography which will settle any land disputes with the turbines placement.

County Clerk Melinda Patton noted her concern about the number of needed poll workers for the June 2 election.

Associate Commissioner Bob Stiens reported the road and bridge crew is ready to pour a grant bridge in Jackson Township and the BRO, FEMA and other bridges are continuing to be built as that is considered essential. Also there is work with several tube replacements, the north wind project has maintenance issues before township takes back the roads.

Public Administrator Diane Thomsen, who joined the session via her computer, told that she is distributing her clients’ weekly allowance at the door and seeing more anxiety medicines being given at the facilities where her clients are residing.

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