Clearmont City Council was called to order on April 17 by Mayor Byron Clark at the Clearmont Housing meeting room.

Linda Walker and Connie Hall, from Citizens Bank & Trust, Burlington Jct, presented information on how to use online banking to pay a Clearmont city water bill. They carefully outlined the process, answered all questions and provided telephone numbers so they could be contacted on the following day for further assistance.

Bill Harris and Nell Cowden were sworn in as council members for two-year terms.

Councilman Herb Snodderley reported on a plan to rent a Wynn Trucking pump to remove water from the lagoon pit. Snodderley also explained damage to a water meter which had been repaired. Harris reported New Tech was getting water from a fire hydrant. On previous occasions, they have obtained water in this fashion, then reimbursed the city when their job was concluded.

Snodderley outlined a request from resident Josh Carpenter regarding moving his water meter pit. Council members agreed the expense of moving a water pit is the responsibility of the homeowner. Harris pointed out pits must be located on the owner’s property. It cannot be moved into the city’s right of way.

The water report was given by Snodderley and a question was clarified from a previous meeting. Residents can pay water bills in advance. The software used by the city makes it feasible and several individuals follow this practice. A discount is not available to those wishing to pay in advance.

Snodderley explained the use of a water pump and requested the city purchase such a tool for use when reading meters and for use in the lagoon. Council agreed to purchase the $199 Milwaukee water pump.

Because the water clerk was not in attendance, the council was not updated of the meters 60 days overdue. Council voted to shut off any meter 60 days past due.

A complaint about a resident dumping waste materials in a ditch was received. Snodderley had discussed the issue with the resident. He agreed to clean up the ditch running across his property and quit placing such materials in this location.

Citizen Patty McElroy presented information obtained from DNR on flushing water lines. DNR recommends flushing lines twice per year. Snodderley outlined what flushing lines requires in the Clearmont system. She also inquired about a ditch requiring a tube on Pine Street. Clark said the drainage ditch was prepared for the 12-inch tube which would be installed.

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