The Clearmont City Council approved a “Welcome to Clearmont” sign at the October 18 meeting.

Circle C Signs, Clarinda, IA, will be contacted and asked to present design ideas.

Last month’s minutes were approved, as well as the monthly bills to be paid.

The city did not receive the ARPA grant for the water and wastewater project. The council will continue to pursue replacing meters with the previously awarded grant money. They will inquire with the Skidmore City Clerk on the brand and model of meters they recently purchased. Mayor Byron Clark will order fire hydrant markers for easy identification during snow removal. Cunningham Tank and Tower Service, Joplin, sent information regarding a water tower tank inspection.

A Clearmont resident reported a large pothole on North Street and also said the street sign on that street is difficult to read. The pothole will be repaired, and the sign will be replaced, while other street signs will be inspected and replaced if needed. The “No parking this side” signs that were ordered earlier this year will be made portable and used only during ball games.