The Burlington Jct. City Council made serious decisions concerning agreements with two entities at their the first meeting of the city’s new fiscal year July 14.

After much discussion to bring the new mayor, Dean Kelly, and new councilman, Brian Hunt, up to the current situation with the city finances and the loss of profit with the contract involving the sales of water to Public Water Supply District of Nodaway County the council decided to price the wholesale water at a profit. The city lost over $8,000 the first three months of 2020 due to a lower price charged than what it requires to produce the water. The council decided to send a letter to the rural water board presenting the price they must have for any water they sell to the wholesale entity. The rural water board’s July meeting is set for Monday, July 20.

Another association with a governmental entity was addressed by the council. The Nodaway Township, which received a positive vote during a road bond election in June, has had a spoken agreement through the years to cooperate on several duties and use of equipment between the town and country. The council voiced their concern on the township’s unwillingness to help with the financing of street improvements as the voters in the town did help the bond pass. The ties between the two entities may be severed.

The council discussed how to condemn a property that is inhabitable and is filled with wildlife that concerns adjacent property owners. Contact will be made with the Nodaway County Commission and Nodaway County Health Department for their assistance.

City Secretary Angie Lightner reported the town ended the year with a $15,000 deficit. No audit time has been scheduled. She noted the worker compensation amount due will increase because of the hiring of city employees. Also the bonding cost will be doubled with Kelly being added.

The water and sewer plus maintenance report was given by Scott Conn, foreman.

A revised employee handbook was distributed to the council with the three approved changes. More discussion was held about city employee holidays and it was decided to have six paid holidays. Due to needing information about possibly capping vacation time, the handbook approval was tabled.