Looking for something unique and thoughtful for family members and friends on your Christmas gift list?

The Nodaway News Leader has an assortment of books by local authors suitable for all ages and all proceeds go directly to the authors.

Children’s books are: “May’s Faith” by Melinda Taylor; “Isabelle’s Search for God” and “Good Morning God” by Sherry Nieting; “The Boy who had Nine Cats,” “True Heart,” “The New Student,” “Carrie’s Catch,” “Real Stories” and “Mama B” by Irene Alexander; “Harry the Horse and the Five Fleas” by Irene Alexander and Nathan Hurtado; “Rusty’s Life: A True Story” and “Mariah’s Easter Egg Hunt” by Jack Jones; “Lily is Wide Awake” by Brandon Brand; “What Do Moms Do?” by Amy Houts and Emily Bush; “Find My Heart: A Valentine Game,” “Going to Grandma’s House: A Thanksgiving Game,” “God’s Protection Covers Me” and “The Giant Book of Bible Fingerplays for Preschoolers” by Amy Houts; “Molly’s Parade,” “The Princess who Couldn’t Add,” “Francie’s Great Adventure,” “Robbie the Magic Catfish,” “Olivia Meets Miss B” and “Phillip the Penguin” by Mary Ebrecht; “My Gramma has Ants in her Pants,” “My Gramma and her Pogo Stick” and “My Gramma Takes the Cake” by Paula Moyer Savaiano; “Stop! Stop! No Sugar on Top!” by Pradnya Patet and Debra Hull; “The Littlest Christmas Kitten” by Lee Jackson; “People of the Footprint” by W. Dale Stewart; “How the Rabbit became the Easter Bunny” and “Listening to the Mukies” by Bob Bohlken; and “Bedtime Farmyard Friends” and “Frolicking Farmyard Friends” by Diane Goold.

For young adult readers: “A Quest for Freedom: A Golden Key Novel” by Marvin Wilmes; “Princess School” by Bobby Cinema; “I, Eugenius” by Larry Anderson; “Chore Boy” and “Oakdale” by Jeanie Edwards; “For Such A Time As This” by Susan E. Baker; and “If You Give an Ox an Oxy” by Dr. Laura E. Frankum Happe.

Cookbooks are: “Apples, Apples, Everywhere,” “From the Apple Orchard” and “Healthy to the Core” by Lee Jackson; “A Taste of History: The Cooks of Nodaway County” and “More Than Your First Cookbook” by Barry Beacom; “Mouthwatering Missouri Stress-Free Recipes” by NWMO MS Self-Help Group; “Mealtime Magic: Dinners in Half the Time” and “Cooking Around the Country with Kids” and “Cooking Around the Calendar with Kids” by Amy Houts; and “Cooking in the Midwest” by Nancy Lantz.

Local history books are: “Tales of Nodaway County: Area History 1837-1977” compiled by the Nodaway County Historical Society; “Images of America: Nodaway County” and “Images of America: Maryville” by Michael J. Steiner; “Rural Midwest Idioms/Folk Sayings,” “Famous People of Nodaway County Missouri,” “The Civil War: Missouri and Nodaway County” and “The History of Nodaway County Towns” by Bob Bohlken; “I’m not Irish, the Incredible Journey of Wilson Fitzpatrick” by Gene Steinmeyer; “Farming in Nodaway County: 1845-1996” by the Nodaway County Heritage Collection; “Nodaway County, Missouri: A Pictorial History, 1910 – 1994” by Opal E. Eckert; “Where in the World is Arkoe, Missouri,” by Susan Cronk; and “Centennial History: Barnard, Missouri 1870-1970.”

“Died Innocent” by Don Nothstine is a historical fiction books.

Memoirs include: “Memories” by Irene Alexander; “Childhood Memories of Nodaway County: 1943-1960” by Clara Pallo; “Beyond the Horizon: A Memoir” by Marvin Wilmes; “Endless Love and Second Chances” by Dixie Davis with Sherry Maves; “Sunny Side Up: The Gritty Memoirs of a Crazy Chica” by Holly Kay Cronk; and “Seasons Under Heaven: A Legacy of Faith” by Julia Moore.

Poetry collections by Carol Carpenter are: “Open Sky,” “Earth Songs Poems and Photographs” and “In the Space We Leave Behind.”

Books on self-help and other topics include: “Tales from the Old Prof.” and “Learning to Listen” by Bob Bohlken; “Birth in a Chicken House II” by Dr. Jim Lucas, DVM; “Diane’s Daily Devotions”and “Treasured Words of God” by Diane Goold; “At Word’s Length: The Creation and Manipulation of Conflict” by W. Dale Stewart; “Selling in Your Town” by Doug Meyer; and “The Teachers Tackle Box” by Joyce Piveral, Nancy Piercy and Sue Nothstine.

The Nodaway News Leader and Rush Printing Co. are offering the “Nodaway County Plat Book,” which features colored maps and an attractive cover with a photo of a Nodaway County scene. The wire-bound book costs $35 and is available at either business location.

The Nodaway News Leader will be open 8 am to 5 pm, Monday, November 30 until Wednesday, December 23, excluding weekends, for the purchase of books for Christmas gifts.