The South Nodaway R-IV Board of Education met in open and closed sessions on March 21 to handle the following school district business:

After the closed session, the board returned to open session to approve all teachers’ contracts. Megan Thacker and Seth Jenkins were tenured. Carrie Wampler was hired as a part-time reading teacher for 2019-20. Wampler has served as the substitute reading teacher during the current year.

South Nodaway will add a position combining morning preschool and afternoon PAT. This allows the district to offer all-day preschool. The afternoon session will still be free; however, the morning session will have a sliding cost scale. If the student qualifies for free lunch, the morning will cost $4 per day, reduced lunch qualification will mean $6 per day and other students will cost $8 per morning. South Nodaway will also offer breakfast and lunch at an additional charge for the students.

The school audit will continue to be done by Clevenger and Associates for the next three years.

In the first open session of the evening, the one-time assessment on the employees MEUHP health insurance of $17,952 will be paid by the district, half in this school year’s budget and the other half in the 2019-20 budget. With the assessment and insurance premium increase of eight-and-one-half percent, Superintendent Johnnie Silkett was not pleased MEUHP had not given the district time to check with other insurance carriers. The board will bid the health insurance out for the 2020-21 school year.

Five-year bus contract bids were considered from Jarnik Bus Company and Apple Bus Company. After discussion, the district will remain with Jarnik.

Software Unlimited was selected as the new accounting and budgeting program for the 2019-20 school year to replace the current program which is being phased out by the manufacturer.

The winter weather has mistreated the school’s roofs. Repairs were approved and bids will be sought for roof upgrades.

The next board meetingwill be at 7 pm, Monday, April 15.

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