Nodaway County Services is preparing to give back to the community by funding an all-inclusive playground at Sisson Eek Park on Lincoln Street in Maryville.

Director Mark Parra said the idea of the park is not to look like an all-inclusive playground. The point is to make it available to everyone.

“We have been blessed with how we’re doing as a company and our partnership with Maryville Parks and Rec,” Parra said. “We use their facilities. We’re grateful and we wanted to give back something to the community.”

Sisson Eek was chosen because of the wheelchair accessible bathroom and the pavilion. The sidewalks will be widened to become ADA compliant. The cost of the upgrade will be approximately $250,000.

At this point, Parra is estimating mid-to-late May for the work to begin at the park. The start of the project is dependent on when AB Creative, DeSoto, KS, the manufacturer of the equipment, completes it. AB Creative will also be responsible for the installation.

The playground equipment chosen was based on what Maryville doesn’t have and some popular items. The equipment already in the park will be incorporated into the new playground with a new rubber-type surface and the color scheme will be carried out through the entire playground.

The planning process was completed in October 2023 and was approved by the Nodaway County Services Board. Parks Director Jeff Stubblefield was included in the planning process.

Nodaway County Services is also building an activities building across the street from their 122 East Lieber current facility. The building will include a large open area, two classrooms, a full kitchen and laundry facilities. These will be used for clients training.