Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney Robert (Bob) L. Rice is asking people with first-hand information on the death of a Hopkins family’s pet dog that occurred in April to contact the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department at 660.582.7451.

“A witness that initially claimed knowledge of the persons involved with killing the dog later recanted in court,” Rice said in a press release. “The witness then claimed no knowledge of the event.

“Everyone is encouraged to share this release with their friends and family in hopes that a person with information comes forward.”

At approximately 8 am on April 21, the family discovered their one-year-old husky was dead and appeared to have been strangled or hung. The last time the dog was seen alive was approximately 8 pm on April 20.

“It is a crime to tamper or threaten a witness to dissuade them from testifying to a crime,” Rice said. “The range of punishment for a person found guilty of tampering with a witness is up to seven years in prison with the Missouri Department of Corrections, up to a $10,000.00 fine, or any combination of the two penalties.”