Street repairs and finances were the topics of conversation at the October 1 Pickering City Council meeting.

A water leak caused the Nodaway County Public Water Supply District to repair the water line running under Harmon Street. Mayor Charles Smith stated the agreement between the water district and Pickering said the district would repair streets to the best of their ability.

This has been translated as Pickering’s gravel being mounded approximately six inches high across the hole in the street. This is now rutted with traffic driving across.

The aldermen approved buying another load of gravel as more will need to be applied. Pickering will need to keep packing gravel into the hole to keep the road level. There is no point in buying asphalt now, as it would not make it through the winter months.

Smith said he had been “chewed out” about the situation at least three times. He will talk to the water district to see if there is any assistance available.

The tax rates were approved by the state auditor at the maximum allowable: 86¢ per $100 assessed valuation for general and $1.02 for streets.

Pickering approved paying the annual $89.60 membership to Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments. This led to a discussion to see if the city would be able to find grants to repair city streets and other needed improvements.

Alderman Brad Judd has moved. City Clerk Milt Sovereign will check on the legality of Judd remaining on city council to complete his term. Judd is willing to continue serving but will resign if necessary.

The North Nodaway R-VI school district has asked for assistance with repairing the sidewalk in front of the school. Pickering has no funds to allot to sidewalk repair. The aldermen and mayor indicated they would support any efforts on the school’s behalf but wouldn’t be able to assist with funds.