At the July 6 Pickering City Council meeting, the June 2 election results were approved and returning Mayor Charles Smith and Alderman Juliana Judd were sworn in for new terms of office.

For the second alderman position, the council approved the appointment of Kevin Leedom, who agreed to continue his service as alderman on the council. City Clerk Milt Sovereign also administered the oath of office to Leedom.

Discussion was held on the upcoming street project. Mid-America Road Builders, Platte City, has agreed to work with the city and its limited budget to repair as many streets as possible. Mid-America Road Builders will be in the area when the company works in Hopkins.

It was hoped the delay in the project would allow Pickering to acquire more funds. However, in Sovereign’s financial report, revenues into the city coffers have been down the past two months.

Discussion was held on the city applying for money through the CARES Act fund being administered by Nodaway County. Sovereign had questions and will contact Nodaway County Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins.

Alderman Ramona Pennington told the council the Pickering Community Building has received a $500 donation from the Hopkins Masonic Lodge. Several other organizations in Pickering also received donations from the lodge.

Pickering has been approved for flood insurance and residents can now apply for it.

Discussion was held on the Pickering Lions Horse Show arena. It is under construction to make the arena larger and change the orientation so it can be used for more events. The horse show is still being planned by the Lions for later in the year.

A light pole needs to be moved for the arena improvements. Evergy informed the city it will no longer do that for free. Discussion was held on alternatives.

Street ditches were brought up. Smith said Mike Moyer, who also mows for the city, is planning to get a mini-excavator to dig out two ditches.

Plans are underway to update and revise the existing fireworks ordinance beginning at the August meeting. Discussion was held on having a community fireworks evening where everyone would gather to shoot off their individually purchased fireworks. The horse arena was suggested as a location and a hot dog roast was also mentioned.

Judd brought up a city-wide clean-up with the city footing the bill for a large trash receptacle. No action was taken.