The North Nodaway R-VI Board of Education met in open and closed session on February 15.

The governance and administration report was approved. This report, compiled by Superintendent James Simmelink, outlined the strengths, concerns and recommendations for the NN School District.

The one concern expressed in the report was the downward trend in enrollment over the past four years. In the 2013-14 school year, there were 239 K-12 students. That has declined to 205 students in the current school year.

One of several strengths listed was the healthy reserve fund balance which has leveled the past three years following continued growth from the 2005-06 school year.

Simmelink listed the following as recommendations:

• Continue to monitor fund balances and expenditure trends.

• Seek additional opportunities for board member professional development.

Simmelink’s report comment was, “the North Nodaway Board of Education and Administration has been exercising its responsibility to ensure that the North Nodaway School District is complying with all state and federal laws and statues. The district maximizes its financial resources in order to provide the best possible education for all its students.”

Discussion was held on becoming an affiliate school for sports. This would allow NN to have sixth graders on the junior high teams. This would affect the North-West Nodaway athletic co-op. MSHSAA guidelines state that one of the schools must be a member school and that school must host the team. This would apply to all of the sports which would prevent NN from hosting the softball team.

The 2017-18 school year calendar was approved. There will be 170 student-attendance days and 182 teacher days.

Five sets of handrails have been ordered for the new gym’s bleachers. Three will be installed on the home side and two sets will be installed on the visitor side. The installation of steps will be looked at next.

The Pickering building kitchen is having difficulties with hot water. Simmelink believes that there is a 50- to 60-foot run from the hot water heater to the kitchen. Options are being looked at to remedy the problem.

Emily Frueh and Principal Tim Conn attended training on the assessment of capable learners. The high school/middle school intends to implement this program during the 2017-18 school year.