At the May 24 NOCOMO Industries board of directors meeting, the workshop manager, Nicki Samson, requested the board make a change in the workshop’s by-laws to reduce the number of board members from nine to seven.

Samson said most of the workshops in Missouri have between five and seven board members. Twelve years ago, when Samson became manager there had been 14 NOCOMO board members.

Samson requested the change as two board members, Kim Treese and Tracy Yates, had decided not to do another three-year term. Treese had moved from the area.

The board agreed to the change and the board will now have seven members. There will be two members up for renewal in 2023, three in 2024 and two in 2025.

Officers were selected for the next fiscal year, July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. They are President Sam Mason, Vice President Krista Von Behren, Secretary Deb Hull and Treasurer Sue Florea.

Samson reported the work is “up and down.” She is looking at two opportunities to increase work for the sheltered workshop. She also has three to four new potential employees who need to work with the state agency, vocational rehabilitation, before they are hired.

The MO DESE audit has been completed and the workshop is in compliance with the Section 14(c) sub minimum wage.

Samson also questioned the board on whether the members wanted to raise the $300,000 in coverage for liability insurance for each member. The consensus was to remain at the $300,000 level.

The proposed 2022-23 draft budget was approved. It is based on actual expenses and income for the current year. Estimated income is $688,156 and estimated expenses are $512,803.

Current financial records were reviewed. Gross profit year-to-date is $542,523.93 and expenses are $375,916.60.

Samson said NOCOMO needs to do employee, staff and board member photos again. She is also considering giving the certified employees MAC pool passes and/or a track pass for the Maryville Community Center.

NOCOMO is one of the only sheltered workshops in Missouri which doesn’t have a fundraiser project. Samson wants to increase marketing for the workshop to get information into the community about the people it serves and the services it offers.