Maryville residents will see an increase in their water and sewer bills in 2022 after the city council approved an ordinance to change the rates during its November 8 meeting.

The proposed increase establishes new rates for metered water usage beginning January 1 and is expected to generate a 13 percent increase in water revenue and a 28 percent increase in sewer revenue over an annual billing year. The rates were recommended by NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC, as a result of a Water & Sewer Rate Study and is year one of a two-year phase-in option followed by three percent increases in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Individual customers will experience between an 18.5 and 21.1 percent total increase to their monthly bills.

The city council approved a number of other items during the meeting:

• a request to hold the annual MDIO Christmas Parade on December 3 with the closure of city streets along the parade route.

• a liquor license request for 39th St. Liquor, 108 South Main, with the contingency the final inspection requirements are fulfilled.

•  the reappointment of Mozingo Advisory Board members Mackenzie Adamson and Bob Cooper for 2021-24 terms as well as the appointment Dr. Rose Viau for 2021-22 to fill a board vacancy.

•  the treasurer’s report and the payment vendor schedule.

•  to amend the candidate filing periods following state legislation that was passed earlier this year; the filing period for the April 5 general election will be from December 7 to 28.

•  Stormwater Management Plan for expansion at Maryville Carbon Solutions, 600 Wilson Industrial Drive; it will be privately owned and maintained.

• a contract with Premier Pyrotechnics, Inc., for the 2022 Fourth of July Fireworks Display at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park in an amount not to exceed $30,000.

• a contract with MTE Office Center to purchase a server and associated software for the Northwest Regional Communications Center in an amount not to exceed $14,949 due to the consolidation of emergency dispatch services with Nodaway County.

•  a contract with Midwest Mobile Radio Service for maintenance of dispatch consoles and equipment at the Northwest Regional Communications Center in the amount of $21,824 which is for a five-year contract to provide 24/7 service for the Avtech dispatch consoles in the amount of $16,651.75 per year and a five-year contract to provide 24/7 service for the physical dispatch radios, repeaters and power supplies in the amount of $431 per month or $5,172 annually.

•  a contract with the New Nodaway Humane Society for animal control, shelter and other services in the amount of $61,200; in-kind services such as vehicle repairs, snow removal, mowing and water/sewer fee waiver are estimated at $13,000 per year in addition to the contract amount.

•  a contract of obligation with Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the amount of $1,658,866 to ensure the proper financial management of the landfill closure which is done annually. This is a decrease of $8,059 from 2020.

• a memorandum of understanding and sublicensing agreement with the Maryville Downtown Improvement Organization for a joint employee to serve as the tourism director for the city of Maryville and part-time executive director for MDIO. The budget includes $78,989 in the transient guest tax fund for salary and benefits for this position and also includes $16,650 in revenue to represent 25 percent of the expected salary and benefits.

•  a license agreement for outdoor dining with Four Horsemen Properties, LLC. City Manager Greg McDanel said the outdoor dining created with the Black Pony Brewery Development Project is in alignment with Missouri Main Street principles and will serve as an example for future redevelopment projects within the district.

McDanel’s city manager’s report included an update on the South Main Corridor Improvement Project, asking the public to be patient as they work through issues that arise with a project of this type and for traffic to slow down to help protect workers and other drivers.

The next regular meeting will be held November 22.

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