The Health Emergency Lifeline Program (HELP), commonly called Lifeline, started with a set of articles of incorporation dated May 9, 1984.

Lifeline was an all-volunteer organization in Nodaway County with the mission to provide residents with a resource to contact a central telephone service with the push of a button, which would take necessary steps to notify the proper agency that was needed for assistance of the caller.

HELP has partnered with Lifeline, Inc., to provide local installation and maintenance services at reduced cost to Nodaway County clients. HELP also partners with United Way and the Senior Tax Commission to provide service for qualified county residents who would not otherwise be able to afford a monthly fee for this service.

HELP has served Nodaway County for the past 40 years by continuing a commitment that allows people to stay in their homes with the security provided by this alert system.

Recently, HELP celebrated the anniversary with a reception at Maryville Mosaic to recognize individuals and organizations whose commitment from the beginning made this service a reality.

For more information on this program view their website or call Janet Hull 660.582.7527.