Kris & Kates is pleased to announce a new location in Maryville, Missouri at 119 West  Fourth Street. Founded in 1997, Kris & Kates established a ‘50s and ‘60s themed ice cream parlor featuring pictures of Elvis Presley, old signs with era-appropriate vehicles as well as the aforementioned music that plays over the restaurant’s loudspeakers. The original Kris and Kates is located at 2330 N. 36th Street in St.  Joseph and is hard to miss. Kris & Kates features a giant pink-and-white ice-cream cone building and a  variety of fresh ingredient menu items.  

Property owner Austin Evans acquired the business in 2020 and is excited to open the second location along  Fourth Street. Over the last several months, the owner has worked in partnership with the City of Maryville to design an attractive location to complement the redevelopment of Fourth Street. The project will feature the iconic twenty-eight (28) foot tall ice cream cone building, outdoor seating, and pedestrian connections to the adjacent public trail. Construction is expected to begin immediately with completion in spring 2021. 

“The City of Maryville is excited to welcome Kris & Kates. The brand adds to the unique identity of the  Fourth Street corridor and aligns with our goals to “activate” downtown. Kris & Kates will provide an interactive family-friendly experience and we sincerely appreciate the partnership in bringing this investment to the Fourth Street corridor. In 2017, the corridor was named a “Great Place in Missouri” by the Missouri Planning Association and Kris & Kates will further enhance it as a destination,” stated City  Manager Greg McDanel. 

Owner Austin Evans adds “My family and I are very excited to continue investing in Maryville. The support we’ve received at Fit Republic/Lean Kitchen since the beginning has been incredible and we really enjoy working with the community. We can’t wait to bring more happiness to Maryville with Kris & Kate’s Ice  Cream! Additionally, this entire process wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the help of City Manager Greg  McDanel, Assistant City Manager Ryan Heiland, and the entire City Council who were instrumental in making this happen. We can’t wait to get open!” 

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