The Jefferson Board of Education heard from two students during its June 26 meeting who requested to participate in the school flex program next year.

Chase Farnan and Patrick O’Connor would like half of their school day used to pursue future careers in Angus cattle production and law enforcement, respectively.

High School Principal Charley Burch spoke about future enrollment, handbook changes including language concerning graduation requirements, graduation with honors, adjusted punishment for cheating, late assignments turned in, attendance and unexcused absences, which were approved by the board.

Elementary Principal Tim Jermain told of projected enrollment and handbook changes for prekindergarten.

Jermain also gave the superintendent’s report explaining the CSIP was in compliance and the career ladder was for 1,053 hours for the year, which the board approved for payment. He provided an update on the bus grant which was received. The district had permission to destroy the bus and a district patron had requested to use the bus for storage.

Other business addressed:

• Approved the consent agenda including increasing fund for revenue of $55,000 and expenditures of $70,000 to reflect remaining building expenditures from bond proceeds, other building expenses and a bus purchase on budget amendments. It was noted there is a $1.42 million carryover.

• Authorized second semester dual credit refunds list.

• MoSIP proxy was approved.

• Conflict of interest policy adopted.

• Two policy changes dealing with the USDA and food service were authorized.

• Accepted MO HealthNet addendum insurance documents.

• Adopted the 2018-19 as the interim budget for 2019-20 year with a revenue neutral year.

The board went into closed session for personnel.

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