The Jefferson C-123 School Board met on February 15 to discuss preschool options and conduct other business.

During the regular meeting, the Jefferson School Board discussed making changes to the preschool program. Superintendent Tim Jermain had sent out surveys to local families and held an informational meeting at the school to see if the community would be in favor of extending the current half-day preschool program into a full-day program.

Discussion centered around transportation options, fees and concerns that the parents as teachers (PAT) program would see a drastic decrease. Currently, the preschool teacher runs the half-day preschool and manages the parents as teachers program. It was decided to keep the half-day preschool program the same without making any changes.

The school board looked at various floor plans and designs for the new gymnasium floor including layout, wood stains, bleachers and eagle decals. No action was taken; the designers will present more options for the board to choose from at the next meeting.

The school purchased a floor cleaning machine from Hillyard, Kansas City, for $7,894.38. It has arrived and staff has been trained on it.

Jermain gave the following construction updates:

•The concrete foundations and stem walls are in place.

•The floor slab is in the process of being poured.

•The building package is scheduled to arrive close to the end of February.

In other business, all probationary teachers were awarded contracts.

Barbara Terry, second grade teacher, was awarded an indefinite contract. She also told the board how she incorporates STEM activities into her classroom.

Wendy Riley addressed the board and reported on the special education program.

Charley Burch’s contract for high school principal was extended.

Burch reported on attendance, activities, senior night, the senior trip and dual credit classes.

The board approved the professional development plan and the 2017-2018 school calendar.

The next school board meeting will be at 6:30 pm, March 15.