Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Walker, Chris Burns, Scott Walk, associate commissioners, and Melinda Patton, county clerk.

Burns made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Burns made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 1/19/2021 with a correction to a name. The motion passed.

Public Comment: None.

Approved: Fuel/equipment report.

Requisitions: Public administrator to SEM Applications, Inc for equipment; to MTE for equipment and supplies.

Matt Flinders, ServPro project manager, stopped in to have the commission sign a work agreement so clean-up can be started at the jail. Calls were made to several local companies requesting estimates for painting at the jail. Gary Coenen, Coenen Electric came in to give an update on the electric at the jail building.

Patton presented the 2021 budget message and budget. Burns made a motion to adopt the 2020 budget as presented. The motion passed.

Chris Wallace, chairman of the board for the Nodaway County Extension Council, discussed information from the state advisory council meeting and reviewed the questions the advisory council had posed to individual councils as well as the responses the Nodaway County Extension Council supplied.

Due to a United Fiber battery going out following a power outage overnight, Andy Abbott requested an exterior key and a key to the server room. Walker will get the keys to Abbott. The commission also discussed damages to the electronic equipment damaged or destroyed in the jail fire.

Jeff Smith, Smith Contracting, delivered an estimate for changes to the third floor. Smith visited with the commission on other options they may want to do.

Garry McFee, Howe Engineering, stopped in to visit with the commission on services Howe Engineering provides.

The commission inspected Road #214 in Union Township and Road #151 in Hopkins Township.

The commission spoke with John Beacom, Tenaska, regarding the donation and the exhibit A to the road maintenance agreement. Exhibit A was reviewed, signed and returned to Tenaska.

Burns made a motion to adjourn for lunch. All in favor.

The commission reviewed reconstruction roads from 2020 and applications for consideration in 2021. All roads projected for reconstruction in 2020 were completed and approved.

A public hearing was held for the general obligation bonds in Green, Hughes and Union Townships. Documents were signed by the commission and the clerk and returned to Anderson, Sundell and Skinner.

Burns made a motion for the commission to adjourn until 1/26/2021. The motion passed.