The Hopkins City Council moved to send a letter to residents with unmowed lawns and tall weeds at the June 17 meeting.

The list of properties was compiled by Chief Operator Jack Baldwin. The owners will be given seven days to mow, after which time the city will mow the property at a rate of $100 per hour. If not paid by the owner, the amount will be added to the property’s tax lien.

The start of the city council meeting was delayed as a quorum of aldermen was not present. Upon the arrival of the third alderman needed, the meeting was started.

The City of Hopkins has been notified by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources of the amounts for the Water Protection Program primacy fees which will be included in the Hopkins’ residents June water and sewer bills which will be billed in July.

In discussion on the street repairs, Mid-America Road Builders of Platte City has spent four days working on preliminary grading, scarifying and adding base material to rebuild the crown in some streets. The city was notified the company will return in approximately two weeks to complete the chip and seal of the city’s streets.

One of the pumps at the lift station was put back together with replaced bearings. However, a seal was leaking and the pump was taken out of service. A new seal has been ordered.

The aldermen and mayor went into closed session to discuss personnel.

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