The Pickering Lions will be sponsoring the first Midwest Percentage Pony Pullers event starting at 7 pm, Saturday, June 29 at the Pickering Horse Arena.

The event was postponed from the June 1 date because of rain and poor field conditions.

“We’re really excited to bring this new event to Pickering and Nodaway County,” Lion Bob Whipple said. “It is good for all ages and we’re hoping people come out and support our local Lions Club.”

The pony pull is similar to the annual draft horse pulls which the Lions sponsor. However, smaller horses and ponies make up the two horse teams. The teams are pulling a sled with weights a prescribed distance. The weights are based on a percentage of the team’s total weight.

In round one, the pull starts with the lighter teams and weight is added for the heavier teams, but always at the same percentage of total weight. The next round, weight is added, again based on the team’s weight. This continues until only one team is left which could pull the distance.

The cookshack will be up and running. It will feature tenderloins, Amish-made pies and other good eats.

Cost is $6 per person, with age six and under free.

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