At the September 13 Hopkins City Council meeting, aldermen approved Saturday, October 15 as the fall city-wide clean-up date.

Pick-up begins at 7 am and Porter Trash will supply two dumpsters. Dee O’Riley, city clerk, will contact the North Nodaway High School for student volunteers.

An ordinance titled, “An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 385 by Adopting Subsection ‘U’ that Authorizes the City of Hopkins to Impose a Lien upon Real Property Served by Public Sanitary Sewer Services for Non-Payment of Sewer Account” had its first reading. If approved, the city will start putting liens on properties within 90 days. There are currently 20 addresses within the city limits owing a total of $10,126.59.

On September 22, there will be a sewer smoke-testing. A door hanger has been distributed instructing residents to pour water into basement and unused drains. If smoke comes into the building, they are to note the location and call 660.778.3688.

Mid-America Road Builders, Platte City, began street repair work on September 12. A base layer of rock was laid on Phelps Street between Second and Third Streets, Jack Baldwin, chief water and sewer operator, said.

O’Riley recommends that residents subscribe to the city website, She is also requesting upcoming event submissions to put on the site.

The council approved $289 be used to update water billing software. The update will allow online payments by integrating the software and city website.

DNR will require that the city report sewer information using an electronic discharge monitoring system by December. Randy Beason, permit holder, and Nathan Baldwin, report certifier, signed the agreement.

Baldwin will receive $500 to defray the costs of attending the fall state water conference.