Nodaway County Health Department Tom Patterson presented his 2023 budget message at the January 25 board meeting.

“Actual revenues increased approximately 18 percent between 2021 and 2022, from $568,514 to $670,350. Projected revenues for 2023 are $636,386.

“Variations between years are due to fluctuations in federal and state contract dollars, amount of services provided and local tax revenues received. Availability of contracts are determined by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Revenue for both 2021 and 2022 were  increased due to funding supporting the COVID-19 pandemic response.

“Actual expenses increased approximately eight percent between 2021 and 2022, from $518,103 to $558,804. Projected expenses for 2023 are $633,340.”

Patterson discussed the training and education opportunities provided by a workforce development contract that is being offered to local public health agencies. The award amount available to Nodaway County Health Department is $147,411.

The grant’s purpose is to improve the public health workforce. Patterson is looking at contracting for professional and job development courses for staff. Current interests identified for continued education and training include assisting with master’s degree in nursing for Tabitha Frank; alcohol and substance abuse prevention specialist certification for Suzanne Von Behren; and other employee development programs. The board approved.

Jack Hunsucker reported he has completed the FEMA IS-200.c and FEMA IS-909 online courses as part of his PHEP planner duties. He has two in-person classes to take for which he has signed up and is on the waiting list. He is reviewing the emergency plan manuals and attend the LEPC meeting with Patterson online.

The office leases for MERIL and Randolph County DDS were reviewed and approved with no increase in charges.

The building insurance through Jackson RMI Insurance was approved for the “option B” quote of $4,729 with $2,500 property deductible except $10,000 wind/hail deductible.

Two people, Mike Rosenbohm and Kathleen Baudino, filed for the board positions that are open in the April 4 election.

Patterson reported flu and COVID-19 cases and immunizations are slowing down. He said this was typical for this time of year and COVID-19 may be settling into the same pattern.