The Nodaway County Health Center board made plans for 2017 during its December 7 and 12 meetings.

At the December 7 meeting, Tom Patterson, NCHC director, provided the board with a proposed 2017 budget. The board directed Patterson to research installing a Limited Use/Limited Application elevator, updating a stairwell and requesting a LAGERS representative, Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System, speak to the board.

During the December 12 meeting, the board approved adding $25,000 to the budget for a possible elevator installation and stairway update. The board approved a two percent pay increase for employees and increasing the budget item payroll expenses to include this increase and possible LAGERS expenses.

The board asked Patterson to increase the miscellaneous expenses from a projected $2,500 to $5,000 to allow more cushion for unexpected expenses.

When asked what he felt the priority should be for 2017, Patterson indicated LAGERS because it is about people. He said the health center offering retirement benefits will help anchor employees and LAGERS will be more stable than the current 457b, which is an investment plan.

The board accepted the 2016 budget. Patterson does not expect any amendments to be made. The final 2016 budget will be available by the February 2017 meeting.

Board meetings will be at 10:30 am, the third Wednesday of each month in 2017. This will give Patterson more time to acquire bank statements and bills needing approval for payment.