Maryville Parks and Recreation Director Aaron Dobson proposed using a contract mowing service for city parks during the regular MPR board meeting on December 1.

Because of the age and condition of the city’s parks, Dobson said maintenance is needed throughout the park system. Currently, staff spends the majority of its time mowing parks and preparing athletic fields. When time allows, they do maintenance and projects, but these are usually done in the winter. Dobson said he would like to reverse that and have the staff spend a majority of its time maintaining the parks, prepping and mowing athletic fields and working on projects.

This change would not eliminate full-time or permanent part-time staff, but may eliminate seasonal part-time staffing.

The board expressed its support for better use of staff time. Dobson said he will create a bid and work with the City of Maryville to advertise the information. Once bids are received, if the board finds them too high, none will be accepted.

In other business, Northwest Technical School’s $17,457.37 bid was accepted for a new pavilion at Sisson-Eek Park. Dobson said the bid came closest to the budget and included handicapped accessible concrete work and shelter lights. Board members said that lighting would extend guest time in the park which could lead to vandalism. They agreed to use timers to control the issue.

The board also approved the November 3 minutes and the financial report expenditures.


Maryville Community Center:

• Attendance for November 2016 was 5,822, up from 5,724 in November 2015.

• The new weight room opened November 7 with positive comments from patrons about the amount of space.

• The new group exercise room opened November 15 with mostly positive comments. The room also offers the new Fitness On Demand system which will be promoted to the public once the initial kinks are worked out.

• The maintenance closet across from the weight room is being converted into a personal trainer office. Once completed, it will have a desk and computer for personal trainers and a treadmill, adjustable bench, bands and weights for client assessments. Additional personal trainers have been added to the staff.


• With a donation from the Rotary Club, several new lights were purchased for Franklin Park to enhance Winter Wonderland. Northwest Technical School built a frame for a 22-foot tree of lights. The new lights will be used for the pavilion, tree of lights, Santa house lighting and more.

• Park winterization has begun with restrooms being closed at most of the parks and the rest to be closed soon. Ball field and park maintenance continues as weather permits.

• The Christmas Craft and Vendor Fair hosted 70 vendors with an estimated 1,000 patrons.

• The November 19 surplus sale made $700; a portion of the proceeds benefited the scholarship fund.

The next regular meeting will be Thursday, January 5, 2017.

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