SSM Health St. Francis Hospital will once again be closing the hospital’s main entrance to complete roof replacement over the front lobby area. Beginning Tuesday, September 4, through October 5, patients and visitors will be temporarily diverted to alternate entrances.

The north end of the north wing and the old front entrance south of the emergency entrance will be used as alternative entrances during the construction project. Additional volunteers and signage will be available to assist with wayfinding.

The current fiberglass canopy is being replaced with a new gable roof, constructed of glass and metal. Large equipment operation will be used during the project and extra caution will be taken to assure safe access to the hospital.

The project is being managed with as little patient disruption as possible. Cancer care and infusion services patients will be directed to the old front entrance of the hospital, while patients that need to register for any service other than the cancer clinic or infusion services will be asked to use the north wing entrance. All emergency patients are to use the ambulance bay entrance to the department. Visitors will be asked to use the old front entrance.