The Clearmont City Council held its monthly meeting on August 22.

Two residents came to the council meeting to discuss water bills. Faye Smith requested clarification on the charges on her water bill and she told the council she did not appreciate the registered letter that was sent to her. She noted she realized her bill was higher than normal and she was trying to find the reason. She asked for a discount due to the leak. The council removed the late fees and the increased sewer charge.

Patty McElroy reported the water bills are late in their arrival to the residents. She said it didn’t give customers time to pay without a getting a late fee. She again asked for the council to bring a resolution to her unpaid water bill. Mayor Byron Clark replied saying the council was awaiting information from the city attorney.

Under the water/sewer report, Kristy Heideman told the city used 277,900 gallons, 104 meters were read and 90 were billed. Water bill collection was $4,898. Delinquent bills totaled $13,707 and five shutoff letters were sent. Two residential water leaks were found and fixed.

The city is waiting on Utility Services for scheduling the water tower cleaning and inspection.

Within the street maintenance report, it was reported the city currently has half a barrel of oil for street repair, which would cover one-quarter of the town’s streets. Maintenance personnel Mike Wiederholt will assess the streets in need of repair. He noted the tube on Chamberlain Street needs to be cleaned out.

A mowing bill needs to be sent to a homeowner on Pine Street.         

Another citizen, Kyle Jones, asked the city to maintain the alleyway by his house between Highway 71 and Sycamore Street. Jones reported the alley gets used regularly by several people and it is getting a high spot in the center. Jones also stated they mow and care for the alley by their house, but it is getting neglected past their property. The council noted the township will be contacted to see if the area is wide enough to be graded.

Kathy Jones shared her concern regarding the amount of drivers who are not following the posted speed limit on US Highway 71. Due to safety concerns, she suggested larger speed limit signs. After discussion, the council decided that it would be beneficial to contact the highway patrol to see if they can set up electronic speed monitoring signs.

Councilwoman Nell Cowden offered to analyze the city’s ordinances and find those that need revision.  She will present her findings to the council.

The council will meet at 7 pm, September 18 at the Clearmont Housing community room.