0C8A3741 Havaldar 4x5Kanti Havaldar, MD, is celebrating 40 years of service as an internal medicine physician to Maryville and Northwest Missouri residents.

The leadership and staff at SSM Health St. Francis Hospital and SSM Health Medical Group recognize and applaud Dr. Havaldar’s commitment to his patients and community and congratulate him on his years of exceptional medical practice.

Havaldar graduated from MGM Medical College in Indore, India, going on to complete a residency program at MY Hospital in Indore. After moving to the US, he completed a rotating internship and residency program at Pontiac General Hospital in Pontiac, MI. He then moved to Maryville and began his practice with Drs. Byland and Wempe in September, 1976.

In addition to Byland and Wempe Havaldar also practiced at the Maryville Specialty Clinic with St. Francis Family Health Care and now practices with SSM Health Medical Group. He is currently serving his third generation of area families.

Havaldar and wife, Kokila, have two children, both gastroenterologists.

Although he has seen four decades of service to his patients, it doesn’t signal a conclusion to his lengthy career.