Nicki Samson, NOCOMO Industries manager, announced at the September 27 board meeting that certified employee hours have been cut.

With a higher percentage of the workshop employees making minimum wage, Samson expressed concern that they might lose benefits such as subsidized housing and food stamps. The solution has been for more than half of the employees to work a four-day week with Fridays off.

Three board members, Sam Mason, Melinda Patton and Tim Wilmes, agreed to renew their three-year terms. Current board officers serving another year by acclamation are Dave Lawyer, president, Jerry Nelson, vice-president, Sue Florea, treasurer, and Melinda Patton, secretary.

As a new requirement, workshop employees must meet once a year with their guardian and a vocational rehabilitation representative to determine if they want to continue working at the sheltered workshop. This will take affect June 30, 2017. This requirement is in response to a view that sheltered workshop employees are segregated.

NOCOMO is sponsoring the “Keepin’ it Classy” 5K run/walk in honor of April Lawyer. Certified employees taking part in the 5K will have their entry fees paid by the workshop.

The NOCOMO Halloween party will be from 6 to 8:30 pm, Thursday, October 20 at the workshop. The workshop will be closed November 24 and 25 for Thanksgiving.

NOCOMO ended its 2015-16 fiscal year with a $121,705.63 surplus. On review of the July and August financial report, the workshop showed $18,682.82 in income over expenses. Dave Lawyer attributed this to strong woodshop and recycling sales.

In the same period, the workshop received $22,068.83 from the state, $703.18 from SB40 and $14,896.00 from an SB40 grant.