Melissa Middleswart, Maryville, has donated copies of the book, “Maye’s March for Women’s Votes,” to all nine school libraries in Nodaway County, Maryville, Jefferson, Nodaway-Holt, North Nodaway, South Nodaway, Northeast Nodaway, West Nodaway, Horace Mann and St. Gregory’s will have this local historical perspective of Vera Maye Shipps, who as a 19-year old trombone player had an important role in the fight for women’s voting rights.

Middleswart, a retired librarian helped the author, Amy Houts, with her research at the Nodaway County Historical Museum.

Middleswart would like students to read it. The museum has two displays of the Missouri Ladies Military Band featured in the book.

“I hope Maye’s story not only inspires students, but makes them proud,” said Houts.

As a member of the Missouri Ladies Military Band, Shipps traveled 1,000 miles by train to lead a 1913 suffrage parade in Washington, DC. When the parade route is blocked by a throng of men, Shipps and the other band member must act fast to stir the course of history.