Through January 27, the Nodaway County University of Missouri Extension Council will be holding their annual council election.

Any Nodaway County resident who is voting age is eligible to vote. Individuals can vote online on the Nodaway County Extension webpage at: or they can vote at the Nodaway County Extension office located in the Nodaway County Administration Center. To be counted, completed paper ballots must be received at the office by 4 pm, Friday, January 27.

In 2023, there will be six members elected for two-year terms from the countywide district with the following names for consideration: Jackie Baker, Barnard; Ethan Boss, Maryville; Nickolas Freeman, Maryville; Nicole Honan, Elmo; Bridget Kenny, Maryville and Glenna Schantz, Maryville.

The extension council is made up of 12 elected members and four appointed members from a county-wide district with half being elected each year. Council members serve two-year terms beginning in March of each year. Appointed members are from the City of Maryville, Farm Bureau, MFA and the Nodaway County Commission.

University of Missouri Extension offers educational programs in such categories as agriculture, health and nutrition, business and industry, community development, youth development such as 4-H, and various continuing education courses, seminars and workshops.

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