The Clearmont City Council had several residents requesting the waiving of their late water bill payments for a variety of reasons during the March 19 meeting.

Kristi Snodderley, water-sewer statement accountant for the town, explained the timing of getting the statements out had been hindered this month due to the winter weather so they were estimated. One citizen who was present was told her meter was under water. The second citizen explained she mailed the payment on the day it was due. The bills are due to be paid by the 16th of the month. Snodderley collects all the bill payments one day each month. Generally it is a few days after the 16th. Late fees were taken off both resident’s bill. Yet another citizen pays on the 19th and requested to drop the late fee. No adjustments were made. Another citizen does not pay the entire bill due to his income timing and requested the late fees be wiped. No fees were waived.

Snodderley noted the over 60 days payments are down to $400 which is the least amount ever. When the bill is delinquent at 60 days, the resident’s water will be shut off.

Correspondence was received from Clarinda Regional Health about an upcoming blood drive.

Street maintenance will receive 150-200 tons of rock at $20 a ton from Norris Quarries and hauled by Smith Trucking. Keller will look at the town and provide an estimate of asphalt overlay projects.

Discussion was held on the semi trucks parking throughout the town and the trucks’ ability to tear up the streets.

The town’s lagoons, irrigation and pumps were discussed in light of the excess rain.

The council received two mowing bids and they approved the lowest bid from Shipley Lawn Care at a rate of $150. It was decided of the fee, the council will charge the housing $35 for mowing duties.

It was also announced the West Nodaway baseball team will have its home games at the Clearmont ball field this spring.